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Montenegro And The Global Financial Crises

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Background Facts
Part of many empires and republics in the past, Montenegro declared independence from former Yugoslavia to become a sovereign state on 3 June 2006. Montenegro classifies as a developed country on the Human Development Index and is a member of the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, the Council of Europe, and a founding member of the Union for the Mediterranean. It is an official candidate for membership in the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). There are many languages, faiths, and ethnicities within the borders of Montenegro, providing a potential backdrop for ethnic clashes similar to those of the Yugoslav Wars. However, ethical ideals of humanity and gallantry bond all Montenegrins, uniting the country.

Montenegrin Foreign Policy
Montenegro is the crossroad between the Balkans and the Mediterranean and is as a stabilizing factor and a country with a bright prospect. It recognizes the merits of neighbourly relations and integration as the basis for its successful development. The foreign policy priorities of Montenegro are the integration into the EU and NATO, improving and maintaining neighbourly relations and regional cooperation, and developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Montenegro sees the integration and admittance into the EU and NATO because of taking initiative and an active role in regional development of communication and political, economic, security, cultural, and scientific cooperation. This country shares many foreign policy goals with its immediate neighbours, especially Serbia, due to historical, cultural and long-term economic ties.

Bilateral Relations
Relations with the United States are particularly important to Montenegro, as the USA will be their most important ally in NATO and an indispensable partner in the EU. The USA as the first country to recognize Montenegro officially and the relations between the two sides have rapidly developed since the establishment of diplomatic ties. The United States’ view on global matters influence the outlook of Montenegro
Ties with the Russian Federation are of extreme importance because of its contributions to Montenegro’s integration goals and overall development. It is crucial that Montenegro continues fostering traditionally friendly ties and extend it beyond relations on historical and cultural reasons. Russia and Montenegro are strong allies; Russia plays an increasing greater role in the Montenegrin economy
The People’s Republic of China only recently developed bilateral relations with Montenegro. Although these relations are new, they are becoming ever more important in the political, economic, and security sense. As China’s economy booms, building better trade and economic relations with Beijing scores high on the priority list of Montenegro.
As Montenegro is also a member of the Mediterranean circle, it sees the countries there as future allies and co-operators. Montenegro...

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