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My Article Came Out Of Men’s Journal And Was Titled

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My article came out of Men’s Journal and was titled “What Can You Do To Live Longer”. It had tips on how to cut your prostate cancer risk, lowering your risk of heart disease preserve your brain, slimming down, staying fit, reducing your risk of colon cancer, not drinking to much, and quitting smoking.

Eating a lot of vegetables can cut down your risk of getting prostate cancer by releasing antioxidants into the body that can help kill cancerous cells in the body. Prostate cancer kills 189,000 American males every year. The article tells that after the age of 50 it is a good idea to get a PSA test every year. You can help make your quota of 3 to 5 servings of veggies a day by ordering coleslaw at lunch or by ordering stewed tomatoes in your omelet.

The next tip tells how to lower your risk of heart disease. It mentions quitting smoking and eating less fatty foods that prevent heart strain. You want to keep your cholesterol below 130 and blood pressure at 120/80 and no sign of diabetes. Taking care of your heart can help add years to your life. Heart disease kills 344,807 men per year.

The third thing is taking care of your brain. You can achieve this by getting 22IU’s of vitamin E a day. Vitamin E can help reduce a rust like corrosion in the brain. you can find Vitamin E in foods like eggs, wheat germ, and almonds can help achieve these 22 IU’s a day.

Slimming down helps add years to your life benefiting all types of health from heart disease to other diseases. Staying under 38 inches on the waistline is very beneficial to your health. Exercising, working out, and eating right can be the easiest ways to achieve your goals.

Staying fit can help add numerous years to your life. You can develop a well-rounded fitness program that can help keep you looking good and staying healthy. Its is a good idea to mix up your program to include walking or jogging that can help with cardiovascular health.

Reduce your risk of colon cancer. The only real way to help with prostate cancer is to do screening after screening after screening.. This type of cancer kills 28,000 men per year
When the disease is caught early it can make the survival rate jump to 90 percent.


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