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My Business Goals Essay

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My Business Goals

My business goals or to someday own my own company or become the head of a successful one. I’m currently working at UPS where I am going to soon become a supervisor. I think with my skills of being able to motivate people and work well in a group that it will be a good challenge for me. I’m hoping that with the experience I learn that I will become successful in what I want to become. I’m also helping my sister in-law with her small business which is a candy bar wrapper maker she is have a very successful year. Me and my friends at one time owned a small neighbor hood lawn care business we called it Bollea Lawn Care Service but once school started back up and we were more into other jobs it fell apart , mainly because it was just a local neighbor thing with just three people we really didn’t have the funds nor equipment to make it bigger.

I’m not yet 100% sure one what business degree I want to earn but I hope that after this class is finished that I will have a better idea and a better understanding what business is and what I can become with the right knowledge . I’m planning on finishing RVC and maybe going to NIU to finish out my school goals. Once school is over I will look into taking out a small business loan and with the help pf my friends maybe opening a business of or own we have a few ideas but none set in stone just yet. Some are maybe restarting a old lawn care business and seeing were that would take us. We also thought about opening a store and selling musical equipment and services. I believe that with all of are dedication and determination that we will have a successful partnership.


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