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My Expeditions Through Literacy Essay

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I was born into a home where my parents identified with different ethnic groups-my father traced his ancestry to the Akan tribe whereas my mother was from the Ga ancestry. This placed them in a dilemma as to what language to communicate in with my sister and me. In an attempt to be fair to each other, they decided on English, but we do speak Twi and Ga amongst ourselves. Although this played a part in developing my literacy, it is my journey through my young life, and at the pinnacle of this journey my time in high school, that has had the most impact on my literacy.
In the years preceding high school, my family, newspapers and short stories influenced my literacy. My father always ...view middle of the document...

Through reading newspapers, I acquired the skill of narration. I was able to narrate events easily whenever I needed to. I was also able to write narrative essays with fewer struggles than before.
My newly found reading enthusiasm transcended beyond newspapers and into short stories. I began to read the African Writers’ Series. These short stories taught me about different African cultures, and how they viewed literacy. I also further improved my narrative ability.
My high school associations have had the biggest influence in the current level of my literacy. I was already being influenced by most of what I read, but there was still more to come. Prior to high school, I had no interest in novels, although some of my friends did. I felt novels were too long-if a writer wanted to tell a story, could he not say it in a hundred pages or less just like the African writers? I was soon proved wrong on a cold November night in 2010. After a year of coercion by a friend, I decided to read my first novel, and I soon realized that the five hundred pages used for a novel were not enough to tell the full story. The first novel I read was Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. The novel left me spellbound, and I suddenly and completely became addicted to reading novels. The most amazing thing about reading the novels was that I was learning unwittingly. The novels further increased my narrative ability, but it was my skill of descriptive writing that was developed from my new addiction. From his inch perfect description of the Louvre in The Da Vinci Code to his vivid depiction of the Vatican City in Angels and Demons, Dan Brown’s writing gave me some creative insight into descriptive writing. Description is still not my strongest asset, but I am much better than before. However, with constant practice and more reading, I would be able to add it to my literacy arsenal.
All through elementary and high school, I was rarely troubled by reading and writing tasks; however, college challenged me in ways I never knew existed. For...

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