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Nepal Globalization And Modernization Essay

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Globalization and modernization is a process of accelerated growth, expanding horizons, taking into account both national and international frontiers duly aided by state of the art communication technologies. If one were to take a purely optimistic view of globalization, it would be found that the rate of its progress is certainly targeting even the remotest regions of the world following what we have come to call as the natural laws of the economy. However, the other side of this otherwise positive picture lie factors, however adverse they may be, and yet unaccounted for, for example the loss of national and cultural identity. Nepal is one of the countries, which is experiencing a new phase, a rapid modernization of the country and the introduction of the economic liberalization. Though the country has started to gain from its economic reforms it has to be cautious of the ramification of the new technology and global trade, which might be dangerous to its cultural identity and values.

It was in the year 1951 that Nepalese monarch declared an end to the heredity system of rule and adopted a semi-monarchy government of system with cabinet. In the 1990s the King Birendra set up a multiparty democracy within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. Nepal has always had an enigmatic status; it was a close country a kingdom with a picture of medieval fairy-tale. With the population of almost 86 percent of Hindus Nepal is the only official Hindu nation in the world. Since the establishment of the multiparty democracy Nepal has initiated a course to modernism. The country is rated among the poorest and least developed in the world and nearly half of its population lives below the poverty level. The main economic activity in the country is agriculture and about 80 percent of the population earns their living through agricultural activities. There is little industrial activity and whatever there is involves agriculture production, such as sugarcane, jute, tobacco and grain [CIA World Fact Book, 2002].

Since the reformation the government has sought to modernize the country and have taking many steps to develop the living standards of the people. More than half of Nepal still does not have electricity but because of the efforts of government there are signs that Nepal is changing. One of the significant aspects that the government has taken in this respect is implementation of new economic policies and reforms which aims at increasing foreign trade and foreign investment. Nepal had a close economy and the government controlled all the economic activities but now with the new reforms in the changing world and with the aim to modernize the country the government has...

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