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Never Walk A Road Essay

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It was one fine morning when little James continued to be in deep slumber. When his mom noticed this, she went to his room and shouted, “James, wake up! You are gonna be late for school” The little boy was forced to comply with the parental command. While he was proceeding to his school he pondered on this question that has engulfed the minds of great thinkers, what is education for? His mind was restless. He continued to seek for answers as he would seek for the Kingdom of God.

I myself also wonder why I attend school everyday. Is it ...view middle of the document...

It is something much better and more exciting than that conventional aspect. Education is there so that we can travel to the road that would eventually lead us to our closest desires and aspirations. It is everyone’s dream to be a person, who will make an impact to his life or to the world someday. Look at those who have made a difference to the world like Nelson Mandela or Jorge Mario Bergoglio. During their childhood they had no idea that they would be giants to the world when they grow up. However they were able to do something that will not be erased in the minds of many individuals in his planet. Nelson Mandela was vigilant in his struggle against apartheid. He wanted equality among his people. Pope Francis was very simple. He only wanted to serve the flock in his diocese as Jesus would have done. Now that he is Pope, people admire him for his simplicity and shift he has done in the Church; from a doctrinal policeman to a Church that comforts people in need. They had an education that formed their outlook on life. They were able to see the veracity of their environment when they were educated. They were able to walk the road that leads to their heart. It is right and just everybody has an education so that they can realize their dreams and ameliorate their lives. Nobody who has a sound mind wants to end up in the slums waiting for charity to satisfy their hunger. They want to have decent lives.

Plato believed that only the affluent should have the right to have formal education in schools. The merchants and the craftsmen have to know of their place as doulos or slaves. It was required of them to serve their masters, to clean their homes, to feed and care for their animal’s upkeep, to execute any construction work and to assist their master in trading goods and making sculptures. This is unfair if this was practiced in the present. It is people’s minds that the rich and poor alike should have the prospect to obtain formal education. Each one should have a chance to walk the road that would lead to their heart. Article 13 of the United Nations' 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights recognises the right of everyone to an education. Thus, individual states and countries have acceded to this pressing need by issuing decrees that require compulsory education, but this is little effect in developing countries such as the Philippines wherein the majority of the people are below poverty line and earn less than a dollar a day. Children sometimes are unable to go to school so they are forced to...

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