New Year's Resolutions! Essay

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Escarlin Perez
New Year’s Resolutions!

Many people feel that resolutions are just goals that are not important to keep however, have you ever noticed the people who actually keep it. They seemed more cheerful and excited with life especially to themselves. Wouldn’t you want to feel that joy inside you knowing that you have accomplished something? My New Year’s resolutions are quiet ordinary and similar to many kids at my age. Today, I started coming up with three resolutions the first has to deal with being scholarly, then the community, and lastly personal resolutions.
I turned back to think of what I should accomplish that has to deal with school. I think of my problem that I have, which is completing my work at the last minute. The first step that will help me in this resolution to be infallible are by being organized each day. To do this I would try to have a proper agenda where I should write my meeting, activities, and my homework so that everything is in one place. With that said, I would be able to finish all my tasks each day and find extra time for not doing all of my assignments to the last minute. Next, I can ask my teachers to give me the assignments that are going to be due soon because then I would be able to do it ahead of time. This would benefit me and in my life by being able to have extra time to do my activities and hanging out with friends. This could also benefit me in the future by making me a better person who accomplishes her work throughout obstacles. My New Year’s resolution does not just consist with school, but with our community too.
My second New Year’s Resolution has to do with our community. I think of all that is happening in our community that needs to be fixed right away. One major problem is that not a lot of people have shelter where they can live on or have any living necessities to survive. My year resolution is to help the people who do not have shelter. The steps that will help me in this resolution to be infallible are by having more people to join in and help. First, I would help people follow the foundation called Saint Youth Hospital. With that said, many people might join in to make a difference in people who have absolutely nothing in their lives. Next, I would build a fundraiser of selling objects/supplies that people would enjoy to buy for a good cause. With many people raising money we could make a difference in someone’s life who might just need our help. Finally, we could create another fundraiser of giving necessary clothes, toys, school supplies, foods, etc....

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