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Not Another Jesus Movie Essay

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Before I began writing this paper, my first choice of topic was "Why to Keep Your Teeth Healthy." After seeing The Passion of the Christ, my idea completely changed. I have now decided to write about why someone should go watch The Passion of the Christ. There is the emotional aspect, the subtitles, and understanding the torture of Jesus. I believe that this movie should be seen by everyone.First of all, as far as the emotions are concerned, there are a lot in this movie. While I watched this, especially the beatings of Jesus, my whole heart went out to Him. There was no reason for the horrible beatings that Jesus received on that terrible day, but this movie definitely shows the right amount of violence, in my opinion. Somebody doesn't have to necessarily be Christian or Catholic or Jewish to appreciate this movie or to be touched by it either. The entire theater was silent and many crying as well. The Passion of the Christ was so emotional that I even cried, which I don't normally do. Mary, Jesus' mother, Peter, the other disciples, and Jesus himself, all exhibited so much love and feelings during the movie that it really made it seem so realistic. I feel that this movie was outstanding, as well as very informative. A person should see this movie, not only because he likes to see violence, but it shows all the emotions that were present during the last 12 hours of Jesus' life.Secondly, what I found extremely enhancing to the movie was the language. How many times have you been watching a movie about Jesus and it's in English? Every single time, right? I can't count how many occasions I have been watching a Jesus movie and I've thought, "This would be much better if it weren't in English considering Jesus didn't even speak English." The different thing about The Passion of the Christ was that the entire dialogue was Jesus' spoken language, Aramaic. This really added a lot to the feeling and setting of the movie. Having the complete movie in Aramaic obviously means that there must be subtitles. You know how during some movies, you just can't pay attention and you just end up sitting there losing interest? Well, not in this movie. By...

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