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Nothing But The Best Essay

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“The beautiful Miss Montriän, a pleasure to see you. Wine?” Cogar had a way of making me feel like a harlot, a dirty woman off the street with every sort of story and disease. But that’s what Cogar made me feel like I wanted. A romantic dinner and a disgraceful night of woeful passion.
“Why not?” Although I was technically under the legal drinking age, my family was a long established vintern household. My father-the occasional alcoholic-always offered me sips out of his glass in order for me to develop the habits of a prim and proper lady. I suppose Cogar’s parents had similar intentions. ”Amian told me your father is a loyal customer to Montriäus.”
His smile was perfectly ...view middle of the document...

So what did they discuss? Perhaps Cogar will tell his lovely Miss Montriän.
He chuckled.”You’re such a delight, Miss Montriän. So young, so innocent, so noble. Master Montriän has taught you about the motivation of men surely. Put a glass of water between two thirsty men, one more than the other. What happens?” Should I have been offended that he could not outright tell me his affections? That I was nothing but a trophy of his war of dominance over other males?
Yet, I was politically polite.”By the grace of his fellow man, the one who is dehydrated the most will be given the water.”
“No, it is the man with more strength that will consume the water, but not by the ‘grace of his fellow man.’ If his fellow man had it his way, the strong one’s carcass would be roasting over the fire, waiting to feed his fellow man. No, Miss Montriän. Put a glass between two thirsty men. What happens? The two fight over it, and while the one driven by his unyielding thirst more than the other will do anything, the stronger man will always win. Desire is powerful, but desire does not flow in our bodies, it does not sustain the hopeful man. The stronger man will win. Always. Amian doesn’t have what he needs, father took it away from him and gave it to his responsible son. That power will sustain me, make me the stronger man. And since he knows that I will always get the glass, he’s attempting to leech off of others.”
Cogar reached for my hand, tracing his thumb along my purlicue. It was warm, almost too warm and he held my hand so gently that I would swear it was the caress of a different man. The prince’s hands were not made to be gentle. They were made to strangle. His dark violet eyes gleamed, but we’re clearly not amused.” I hope that I don’t disturb you by telling you, but my brother went to your father and asked for a marriage contract between my family and yours, between you and Amian.” Sire managed a look of disgust.
Had that been the reason father came home so angry that evening? Did he..Did he actually care about my feelings in the matter? Amian was a noble, and father hadn’t accepted his request? The thoughts made me speechless for a moment.”Father denied him, yes?” I asked with a voice of worry, yet on the inside I was full of joy. A doe must run to the buck, however.
A soft pat reassured me.”Clearly your father knows what is best for you. If he had said yes, I can only shudder as I imagine my lovely lady sitting eight years down the road pregnant with her sixth child in a neighborhood of boarded windows. And the children’s father! Oh, how he has been known to have a temper. His younger brother felt the pain, knew the abusive life his elder brother led.”
Cogar must have thought this over for a very long time. Had he know his brother’s intentions before he had even asked father and did not tell me, or was that how he saw my future with any man beside himself? He thought himself to be the stronger man, and in the best possible scenario, he always...

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