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On Sight Vectors And Monthly Bookworms Essay

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You know, those teeny-tiny bits of flashing speckles in the dark blue sky that appear every evening. People gaze and imagine those as immortalized beings, objects, and the like. Some people believe that those predict and hold their life’s destiny and fate. But for me, stars are intersection points, or even meeting points, located far away above, as if one can travel to those purely by sight, and by sight alone of twinkling white dots.
Call me a nerd, I don’t care. It was a peaceful night with clear skies when one person told me to imagine my own sight as a vector—yes, the Physics-related thing, and told me to gaze upon Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. She then explained ...view middle of the document...

She must be doing her homework, I thought. I then walked my way to the baggage counter, casually, and made sure nobody can see what I was planning to do or else I might be accused of a school violation I did not intend to do. Seeing that the coast is clear, I opened her navy blue knapsack and pulled out her Stradmore Science notebook. Bam. Confirmed. Ivy Cadence B. Salgado. Elitist. Rival Bookworm of the Month. But I never had the chance to talk to her until a month after, in the school field, in the peaceful night scene two paragraphs ago.
My parents supervise High Lights (business motto: Helping humans today and humans beyond! *wink*), a family-owned real estate office three blocks away from school and they fetch me home after work. Being workaholics, they finish work at 7 in the evening, two hours more than the usual, so I have no choice but to stay at school. After class I go directly to the library to do my homework or to read Jane Austen’s books, but the library closes at 6 so I just sit in the school field and gaze at the dark sky, casually pondering about life. No phones, no tablets, no people, no schoolwork, no distractions. Just me and the stars, for an hour.
But then Ivy came, and struck the starting conversation dialogue. No ‘hi’s, no ‘hello’s, she started talking with “Are you looking at Sirius?”
Then she continued with the vectors. I wanted to tell a joke, but darn, I can’t, the mood’s too serious.
She liked the stars too, although she viewed them differently from those I see from the books, and that was amazing. She then introduced herself with a handshake, and told me that she knew I was stalking her on that day and that somebody caught me pulling her notebook out. Pale (although people cannot see my face go pale without baby powder) and shocked, I lost words to say. Very bad for a first impression, I thought. I then told the truth, that I just wanted to know if she was really the Bookworm of the Month, and that I have a very nice streak of being one before she broke it.
That one hour I think was the longest hour of my entire life, beating my previous English class that had a professor who seemingly can bend time...

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