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Sometimes when we are in a hurry in life we tend to "cut corners", as I did last year in August. When people are in a hurry we don't think about what we are doing too much, just as long as it gets done on time! I am, as well as all of us, guilty of "cutting corners" in life in order to get deeds done.As I started my senior year in high school, I was also taking the challenging course of Physics A.P. My teacher told the whole class that we would need a textbook not supplied by the school. So, I would have to go out and get it, and there was only one place in the whole town, Davis-Kidd Bookstore, that had it in stock.After school, I decided to go and get my textbook. As I left my house, I ...view middle of the document...

It was all clear, so I went ahead and made a U-turn as fast as I could so as not to get caught. As I was turning around, a cop was just turning onto the street. I prayed that he hadn't seen me as I anxiously watched if his lights were going to start flashing. They did. CRAP! I could already hear my parents nagging.I pulled over, scared of getting my first ticket.The old, husky policeman made his way up to my truck as I lowered my window."Hello officer." I was shaking as I greeted him."Sir, did you know that there are no U-turns allowed in Tennessee?" "No,Sir!" I was thinking that if I told the officer that I knew that I wasn't supposed to make a U-turn, he would certainly give me a ticket."Well Sir where were you going in such a hurry?" "I'm lost officer, I'm trying to find a bookstore." "Well that is understandable, but it still is no excuse. I'm going to have to slap your butt with a ticket. I'm going to send you to a 4-hour class too." "Yes sir, I understand." Actually I thought this guy was a total bonehead who didn't know how to give a person a break.Two weeks later, I went to the class. It was kind of weird because the classroom was below street level. As I walked down the stairs to the subterranean classroom, I felt as if I was inferior to everyone above in the world. I entered the classroom, and I saw all these bums and low-lives in there. It looked like they hadn't shaved in years with their long and dirty facial hair....

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