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Operation Torch was one of the largest landing operation in history and Code name for Allied North African group for landing on Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts in 1942. It was a six month long operation. To the arriving soldiers to them it didn't seem like a war but a vacation because of the beauty of the land. That's until they saw wrecked ships and the distant flashes ...view middle of the document...

It was the first crucial test of U.S. troops against German and Italian forces. It ranged from deserts to mountains covered with snow. The battle was fought by the british the the Americans came into the picture. In order for Operation Torch all of the Allies planned their strageties. The french forces came with 300 warships, 370 merchant ships and 107 troops. Another General George Patton from Western Task Force came with 39,000 troops his mission was to capture the towns of Safi, Casablanca, Fedala and Rabat in Morocco. From the Central Task Force, General Lloyd Fredendall with 39,000 troops. His mission was to Capture the port of Oran in Algeria and the surrounding area. Finally from Eastern Task Force, British General Charles Ryder. with 33,000, of which 23,000 were British. His mission was to capture Algiers.Which all the soldiers all together were 1,800 who would take part of Operation Torch. Battleships,carriers cruisers, destroyers, other warship, troopships, supply ships and tankers were used in the battle.

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