Opinion Survery...A Paper Written About What A Random Selected Group Of People Feel About Family Traditions, And Some Reasons Why They Might Feel That Way.

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Public Opinion Survey"Have family values declined in today's society?" The answer to this question would have varied answers that would depend on different variables. The hypotheses I made were based on the presumption that people have different values because of the environment they were raised in and when they were raised. With this question I would like to learn if the variables that I created do have an affect on how people view modern family values.The first independent variable that I used for this issue, was the question of religion. For the dependent variables, I simply used "yes" and "no". With this independent variable I was not looking for a specific religion, just religious in general, that is why I only used "yes" or "no" for the dependent variables. Secondly, I used gender as a variable and my two dependant variables for this were male and female. Next, I asked the person responding to the question if they had come from a divorced family. The dependent variables for this was "yes" or "no". For the final independent variable, I used age. For the dependent variables I used two brackets of age that was, "age 16-39" and "age 40 and older".My hypothesis for the religious variable will be very different depending on how the person responds to this variable. I think those who are religious will answer my original question with a "yes". I believe this because religious people, no matter what religion, tend to have higher values and expectations, especially when it comes to family. Non-religious people are more likely to have lower expectations when it comes to morals and values, so I think they would be more likely to answer "no".I would think that for the variable of gender, females would answer "no" more frequently than men, because males have much different views on marriage and family then females. I think males would be very divided in their answers, but I think the majority of the males would answer "no".For the next variable, does the respondent come from a divorced family, I would think that those who do...

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