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Ovarian carcinoma, more commonly known as ovarian cancer (OVCA), is a disease in which one has a cancerous tumor in their ovary (the female reproductive organ where eggs are produced). This specific form of cancer has three main types of tumors. The most common type is called an Epithelial Tumor and is mainly found in adults. This tumor comes from cells on the ovary’s surface. The second type of tumor is called a Germ Cell Tumor, it’s rare and most common in children and teenage girls. This type comes from the cells that produce eggs in the ovary. The last tumor is called the Stromal Tumor, which comes from the cells holding the ovaries together. Ovarian cancer is one that is also referred ...view middle of the document...

A factor of family history such as ovarian cancer that runs in the family or being of older age are both considered high risk factors for this disease ("What Are The Risk Factors For Ovarian Cancer?"). According to statistics, diagnosis for OVCA averages age 63, while death averages 71 years old ("Ovarian Cancer").
There are many methods for diagnosis. One test that could be done is a blood test by the name of CA 125 (Cancer Antigen 125). Cancer may be detected if a woman has a high blood level of CA 125 in her system. An ultrasound may also be used to detect OVCA. An instrument called a transvaginal ultrasound device could be used inside the vagina to view both the size and texture of a woman’s ovaries. To check if the cancer has spread to other regions, the doctor may perform a chest x-ray to look for any nodules in the lungs as well as an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan. This would make both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional images of the location (Nordqvist). After a diagnosis has been made, treatment is the next step.
The first part of treatment is surgery. This includes removal of the uterus, both ovaries and fallopian tubes, removing the omentum (a layer padding and protecting organs of the abdomen), as well as examining and removing lymph nodes and other tissues in the abdomen (Board). However, if the cancer is in one of the ovaries, only the cancerous ovary, as well as its fallopian tube need to be removed. This allows the woman a chance at having children. After surgery, the patient will stay remain in the hospital for up to two weeks for recovery and at least six weeks for recovery at home. Following surgery is chemotherapy, which is used to eliminate any remaining cancer cells and prevent further cell growth. Chemotherapy usually consists of six to twelve sessions of injections with three to four weeks of recovery time in between. Blood tests will then be taken to test the body’s...

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