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INTRODUCTION Panama is one of numerous Central American countries that is struggling to compete in the global economy. Through its constant governmental changes and through the aid provided by the United States, Panama is well on its way to becoming a competitor in global economics.Purpose Is Panama competitive or can it become competitive in the global market.Scope This report examines all areas of Panama, ranging from its geography and economy, to its people and its government. The only constraint is time and meeting deadlines.Methodology Secondary information is obtained from on-line encyclopedia articles, books, and journals. Primary information was not required and therefore, no surveys were conducted.Plan of Presentation The goal is to prove whether Panama is capable of competing in the global market or if it does not have the adequate resources or government to do so. Panama?s economy will be broken down into its industries, finance sector, imports/exports, and transportation. The culture as well as its government will also be examined.GEOLOGY Panama is one of the richest lands in biodiversity. It is centered between the Carribean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, below Costa Rica and above Colombia making Panama the Middle of the Americas; it is the link connecting the North and South Continents. There are over 700 offshore islands encompassing the country. The land is versatile from white sandy beaches, to tropical rain forest, jungles, and mountainous terrains. The areas in and about the highlands are steep with rugged mountains. The coastal areas are rolling hills and large plains saturated with swamp land. The land mass is a total of 78,200 sq. km. with 2,210 sq. km. in water, and 75,990 sq. km. land (World Factbook 2002). The lowest point in elevation is the Pacific Ocean lying at 0 feet, with the highest point being at the top of Volcan de Chiriqui at 11,475 feet. The weather in Panama is approximately 80 degrees year-round usually hot and humid. The rainy seasons run between May through December and the only dry months of the year are January through April. There are occasional storms that build in the ocean and drift onto land, and in the Darien National Park the dry forests sometimes catch fire.PEOPLE ?Panama has a population of 2,882,329 (2002 estimate), up from 2.4 million in 1990. The population is concentrated heavily along the Panama Canal and in the cities on either end of the passage.? (Encarta, 2002) It is a highly diverse society, deriving from native people and immigrants over thousands of years.For several centuries after the arrival of the Spanish, the population size remained stable. The indigenous people declined steadily because of disease and dislocation, as a growing number of Europeans settled in the region, bringing with them African slaves. Beginning with construction of the Panama Railroad between 1850 and 1855, however, Panama?s population grew rapidly. The railroad and then the French and U.S. canal...

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