Paul Bunyan And "The Big Tree"

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A long time ago, in the middle of the nineteenth century, there lived a very large lumberjack named Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan was a very large person, and it took five big storks to deliver Paul to his parents. He lived in a huge forest, and he was a citizen of the nearby village of Bangor, Maine. Paul loved where he lived because he loved to chop down big trees with his big ax. He was usually unaware of his surroundings, so he often knocked down a lot of trees on accident.

One day, Paul’s parents told him that his parents were going on vacation, and that their family friend, Johnny Corn, was going to take care of Paul. This didn’t bother Paul because Johnny Corn owned a lumber business, ...view middle of the document...

He would go around interviewing everyone that had been in the area when the tree fell. Paul was sure that this would work, and things would be fair between him, and Johnny.

The next day, Paul went into town, and started interviewing several of the townspeople, but they all were angry with him, and said that it was his fault. He realized that the only people who actually knew what happened were the lumberjacks who work for Johnny. Paul went and interviewed those lumberjacks hoping to prove his innocence.

Paul had been interviewing all day, but most of the people said that they thought that it was him who knocked down the tree. Paul was just about to give up when an old lumberjack came to talk to him about the interviews, and what he knew about the tree. That old man said that he saw with his own eyes that Johnny was messing around with the tree, and that he accidently knocked it down. He also said that he heard some of the lumberjacks that Paul had interviewed say that they lied to him about knowing who knocked the tree down. “Finally, someone has told the truth...

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