“Please Don’t Tell: A Case About Hiv And Confidentiality”

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Leonard Fleck, a commentator, argues in favor of Carlos, a twenty-one year old homosexual, Hispanic male, not telling his older sister Consuela about him being HIV positive in order for her to care for him. The first commentator’s thesis argues that Carlos’s physician does not have to disclose that Carlos is HIV positive, because no major harm will come to Consuela, there are other option so Carlos could keep his other illness covert, and if breach does happen then it could lead to Carlos being ostracized or even not being cared for. The second commentator, Marcia Angell, argues that Consuela has the right to know that Carlos’s is HIV positive, because she would be deceived, pressured to provide nursing care by the hospital, and exploited by the hospital. Leonard Fleck and Marcia Angell both have compelling arguments; however, I agree more with well-supported Fleck’s arguments and conclusion while Marcia Angell arguments and conclusion are idealistic rather than concrete.
Leonard Fleck provides a convincing, rational argument and conclusion. Leonard Fleck argues against the first condition of when to breach a confidentiality agreement by claiming that the risk of Consuela contracting HIV from taking care of Carlos is minimal. If she did nick herself in caring for his wounds, his gunshot wounds are mostly stitched up and are on their way to healing as he did stay in the hospital a short amount of time before being released. Fleck also argues against there not being any alternative to disclosing Carlos’s other illness to Consuela. Fleck offers up several alternatives, including having a serious discussion about the importance of taking universal precautions and monitoring Consuela while she practices on how to take care of a wound. I believe Consuela will listen and learn how to take care of her brother and keep him from getting any infections. From my experience, the doctor also gives out supplies to get patients started on taking care of their wounds. The final condition that Fleck argues against of when to breach confidentiality has to...

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