Poison The Most Vital Thing In Life

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A mind that is poisoned with stress, anxiety, and anger towards your fellow man weathers only the bearer. To stay in touch with emotions that promise good-tidings and jovial introductions even in troublesome situations where one has been wronged keeps sanity within reach. The poems "A Poison Tree" and "The Most Vital Thing in Life", fulfill the reader with exemplary advice. The same idea is presented in to different ways, holding onto to feelings of anger will only harm yourself, but given two different ways to cope. With different tones and different themes the goals of the poems are the same and are accomplished.
Within "A Poison Tree" the poet makes the accusation that if treating enemy as though they were a friend, there would be no anger to hold onto. "I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow." (Poison 1-4) The central theme of this poem concludes with that the bearer of hate is only weakened and the foe is able to gain solace and comfort from the misfortune of the person they wronged.
"[my hate] grew both day and night, Till it bore an apple bright, and my foe beheld it shine, and he knew that it was mine, ... In the morning glad I see, My foe outstrethched beneath the tree." (Poison 9-16)
In "The Most Vital Thing in Life", the same advice is given towards feeling resentment for another when wronged.
"It is is easy to be angry when defrauded or defied; but to win a worthwhile battle over selfishness and spite, you must learn to keep strict silence though you know you're in the right." (Vital 9-16)
The mind becomes poisoned when you let these feelings control personal tranquility. "For when your mind is tranquil, All your ill-thoughts simply cease." (Vital 7-8). Revolving themes in both of these peoms mesh together, and give life lessons that some adults forget when they grow up. Saying what is ailing the mind is found in "A Poison Tree" where the enemy is happy to see that they have left such a mark on their intended victim. While staying silent is found in “The Most Vital Thing in Life” to win a battle over selfishness and spite, where sometimes it's not worth the time to get into an argument over something that should not matter.
The two poems both have different emotions about them, “A Poison Tree” feels much sadder and filled with more longing and morose feelings “And I watered it in fears, Night and morning with my tears.” (Poison 5-6) the poet seems to look back with regret when he realizes that his anger has haunted...

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