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The product I recently purchased was a Gameboy Advance. Gameboy Advance is the latest advancement known to portable gaming systems, 32-bit colour of graphics, instead of the 8-bit traditional hand held gaming systems like its predecessor, the Gameboy Colour. Gameboy Advance's other features also include a 2.9" TFT reflective screen allowing a maximum resolution of 240x160.Nintendo, the worldwide leader and innovator in the creation of interactive entertainment manufactures, markets hardware and also software for its popular home video game systems. The systems include Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and the upcoming Nintendo GameCube. Since the release of its first home video game system in 1985, Nintendo has sold more than 1.4 billion video games worldwide.Many retailers carry the Gameboy Advance due to its massive popularity. Gameboy Advance is also available for sale over the Internet, online retailers include: Toys'R'Us, WalMart.com, GameStop.com, K'B Kids.com, SamGoody.com, Ebgames.com and MediaPlay.com. Almost all videogame related stores sell Gameboy Advance.Promotional aids used to market Gameboy Advance were test-drive or demo units that were available to sample. No certain coupons or rebates were available directly from Nintendo due to the already low price for GameBoy Advance.Gameboy Advance was distributed by using ships, airplanes, and trucks. Since Gameboy Advance is produced in Japan, the units must be shipped overseas, the method of distribution depended on the demand of the product. If demand was low, the product would be shipped with ships, if demand was high, units would be shipped by airplanes because the units would arrive to the desired destination faster. Then the trucks would retrieve the units from either ships or airplanes and deliver them to the assigned stores or warehouses.Gameboy Advance is packaged using a colourful and attractive box with detailed information about its functions. To protect the unit from being damaged on the way, a custom made styrofoam cubes are designed to cover around the unit. The manuals, unit and accessories were stored in plastic bags to prevent dust from intruding.The brand name of Gameboy Advance is actually Gameboy. The brand Gameboy has been on the market since its first product was introduced in 1989, the Gameboy. At that time, Gameboy was the first hand held gaming unit that supported a variety of games, causing it to be the most popular hand held gaming unit at that time. Gameboy has also been innovated a couple of times, from being slimmer and smaller to having an electro luminescent screen (a backlight).There are many competitors in the market of portable gaming industry. As of this date, Gameboy Advance is the most sophisticated hand held game system known to the market, because of this, lots of products has been obsolete or are struggling for new advancements for their products.Gameboy Advance was already known before its release because commercials were displayed on T.V....

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