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Problems Essay

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Failure Analysis and Change Strategy
This paper will detail the objectives, vision, and mission of one organization that failed in the last five years and one organization the succeeded in that timeframe. This paper will detail indicators of the success or failures of the organizations and how specific organizational behavior theories could have explained or predicted the success or failure of the organizations. The paper will detail the role of leadership, management, organizational structure, and organizational culture contributed to the success or failure of the organizations. For the failed organization, the learning team will assume the role of the CEO before the failure of the organization. This paper will detail what the learning team identified as the most vital areas for change and the potential barriers most likely to occur. This paper will identify the power and political issues within the organization and how the learning team would address those issues. The paper will also detail the steps the learning team would follow to implement organizational change using John Kotter’s eight-step plan for change implementation (University of Phoenix, 2013).
Objectives, Vision, and Mission
Indicators of Success and Failure
There are numerous indications that a business will be either a success or a failure including the leadership style, organizational structure, and how an organization communicates. Paulson and Company Incorporated’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has an authentic leadership style that focuses on building trust with employees. The CEO knows himself, what he believes in and acts on those beliefs. The CEO is willing to go against a financial trend even though the outcome is uncertain and his employees have confidence in his decision (Robbins & Judge, 2013). This is evident in the CEO deciding to lessen the funds exposure in the housing market just prior to the financial crisis of 2008 (week 6). Paulson and Company encourages upward communication of ideas and potential issues (P home page). This communication strategy removes potential communication barriers and distortion. Paulson and company is a partnership consisting of 120 employees that has a decentralized organizational structure that allows the organization to respond quickly to a situation (week 6).
The Lehman Brothers had a transactional leadership style that was contingent on rewards and encouraged risk taking (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). The organization used downward communication that provided infrequent opportunity for upward communication of ideas or problems. The organization followed a mechanistic model of structure with rigid departmentalization and a clear chain of command (Robbins & Judge, 2013). Organizational behavior theories are also useful tools for predicting success or failure.
Organizational Behavior Theories
The Lehman Brothers were not predestined to fail and the organization should have employed the following tactics to avoid...

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