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In everyday lives we are constantly faced with countless amounts of advertisements without even realising as it becomes normal to us in our everyday movements. We comes across these advertisements from the television,billboards,posters, magazines and the radio. Semiology was progressed through the development of Roland Barthes, however Ferdinand De Saussuer developed the idea.But the two dominate theorists that constitutes a sign are Ferdinand De Saussure and Charles Sandres Perice. Using the use of signifier and signified which are aspects of semiotics it allows use to understand ideology in advertisements. In this essay i will give my ...view middle of the document...

There are four simple signs for traffic lights. Red being stop, green to go and amber to prepare to stop, in England amber and red means to prepare to go. The relationship between signifier green and the signified go is abritory there is nothing in the colour green that connects it to the verb go, same is for red to stop. The colour red can be associated with many signs agreed across the world both negative and positive meanings. Negatives being danger eg road signs, blood, war and aggression.

Eg the signifier does not resemble the signified but which is arability or conventional the relationship must be learnt eg language,numbers, traffic lights and flag nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign Peirce.

After discussing signification, signified and signifier. Now I'm going to approach this a structuralist way. Barthes indenfies two ways of signification. First being Denotation which Saurrure calls signification. Second being Connentation which then occurs when the first meaning of the sign is established. In semiotics, denotation and connotation are discussing the relationship between the signifier and it's signified a distinction is made between two types of signifier; a detonative signified and a connotative signified it's meaning includes both denotation and connotation. Denotation can be described as the definitional literal “obvious” or “common-sense” Where as the term connotation would be used to refer to the socio-cultural and personal associations eg emotional etc.. of the sign. This term would be related to class, age, gender and ethnicity. So denotation is regarded as a digital code and connotation is an analogue code.. “.. the denotation of a representational visual image is what all viewers from any culture and at time would recognize the image as depicting” - Erwin Panofsky 1920. Signs aew polysemic particularly at a connotative level. This is due to different experiences everyone will go through cultures which are influenced in many ways such as their nationality, language and past times.There are many different typed of signs. Iconic signifier always resemble what they signify. There is a physical similarity between a photo and a drawing eg a daffodil. Indexicel describes signifier that appear appear as physical evidence eg footprints, smoke from fire and sweat from exercises. The term symbolic is used for visual signs where the signifier does not resemble the signified. The relationship must be learned to understand these terms eg – language. Where as flags will  always symbolic since there will be more then one meaning to the sign eg Ireland flag split into three colours green, white and orange. The colour green symbolises the older majority gealic traditionally  orange represents the minority eg supported of William. Then white meaning a lasting truce between the cultures living together in peace.

According to Perice, charles Struart signs take form in...

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