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Public Education’s Worst Emery Essay

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You are surrounded by a monstrous blizzard; you are cold, tired, alone, and hungry. “I have to start a fire…I cannot give up now or I will die,” you said to yourself. In a blink of an eye, you are running a thousand miles an hour through the blizzard gathering sticks of every variety to start a fire (Hyperbole). As the night creeps in erasing the sunlight, you found yourself in a cave struggling to start a fire. Then it hits you, “You are going to die.” There is not enough kindling to catch on fire and even if you do have enough, you cannot start a fire because there is nothing that can give off a spark of fire or ashes. Your fingers are numb from the cold, you are starving, thirsty and ...view middle of the document...

It is absolutely not the teachers or principal fault, but poverty that impedes our students, test scores and educational system. As the poverty rate in the Midwest jumped to 40% and 33% in the South from 2001 to 2011, but the educational spending per students grew by only 12% in the same 10 years (Thomas). As the economic crisis of a student’s family gets worse, the federal government has not funded the schools with enough money to counteract this issue.
United States of America is considered is one of the most powerful and richest nations in the world. It is ironic when America’s child poverty rate is 2nd out following Romania at 23.1% out of all the developed countries (Brussels). It is incontrovertible that “poor health and nutrition inhibit child development and learning” (Durham, N.C.), so what can our “powerful and rich” government do for us? Well “In Finland, with its famously high-performing schools, schools provide food and free health care for students” (Durham, N.C.). In addition, 97% of the children under 6 years of age have right to a free half day of preschool that focus on academic preparation and language development (Mead). With nearly all of Finland’s students having such an outstanding free preschool program, they are most likely be successful in higher education later on in their lives. America simply cannot afford this kind of program to all of its preschoolers; families have to pay for daycare or some sort of early education program, which will put deeper in an economics hole. If they refuse to, then someone in the family have to quit work to take care of this kid. Either way the family in poverty will lose money taking care of the child.
Children in poverty have a bigger boulder of pressure, responsibility and stress to carry on their shoulder than a more privileged child(Imagery). They have less access to health care (Ravitch 290), thus the child will not get yearly check to diagnose any unwanted diseases, the common cold, broken bones, shots and other injured. A child without health care is like a car without yearly auto maintenance(Analogy). You cannot drive a car with problems and a child cannot learn if he is sick. You cannot not learn when you...

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