Quitting Crime Life Essay

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When people have been living a life of crime, it may be difficult for them to discontinue
the acts, or to stop the effects it had on their life. Most criminals would want to end up living a
normal life, but there are many things holding them back. How far should a person go to attempt
to live a normal life after running from the law, and how hard should a person go to prevent
people from being exposed to this?
After you have begun a life of crime, the level of difficulty of returning to a normal life is
very high, few people accomplish this task, and even fewer do this and live long healthy lives
afterwards( ). Having known how difficult this would be, the person referred to in the article
obviously made the decision because he knew it was the right thing for him to do, and he really
wanted to change his life and to live to be a honorable person. Many people would not go
through the trouble that he did to follow his dreams and quit his former life. This person knew
exactly how far he wanted to go to live normally, and he made sure it happened. It is very
obvious that this man would have gone to much greater lengths to make sure he could be like
everyone else even after all that he did, but all he needed was to be put in jail for a short time.
Others who would not know what it is like to want to be stereotypically normal, would
keep up this life of crime, for they think that this brings them joy and lots of money. These are
the kinds of people that even after they have been caught, they cannot stop their behavior. In the
movie Oceans 11, Danny Ocean is told by his ex wife “You could never love a women like you
love danger”(Lewis Milestone 1960). Many people have this same feeling in that they could
never calm down and live a normal life. That they will be running from the law, literally, until
they day they die. These are the people that really have no desire to be like anyone else or even
to be liked by anyone else, as long as the have the thrill of running from authority. These people
surely would not go very far to change their lives because they believe they are happy the way
things are, and some people would argue that criminals like this aren’t happy.
Being unhappy could be expressed many ways but committing suicide is a very large way
to express this. A perfect example of a criminal this is unhappy is a man that attempts murder and
then commits suicide(Walker 1). When a person is unhappy they tend to take drastic measures to
relieve this stress. A man who had this issue found that the only way out was death(suicide),
perhaps he knew that he could never live a happy life after what he has done, or perhaps he was
really angry with his decision. Either way when people say that criminals aren’t really happy
with themselves or their lives, it would be...

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