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Raising Above The Animals Essay

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Through out the novel “In Cold Blood”, Truman Capote was portraying Perry in a very sympathetic manner, while making Dick seem like he was the leader of the crimes that were committed. By adding other inmates’ stories that were on death row during the same time Dick and Perry were, Capote can downplay the brutality of the Holcomb murders. The vicious acts that these other inmates had committed were presented as far worse crimes.
Capote spent the whole first half of the book describing Perry’s childhood, inputting details such as his foster care and his scarring encounters with Nuns, to lead the audience to believe that Perry was just a mislead boy. He was clingy, aggressive, and weak-minded because he never learned how to be independent, he was constantly being pushed into submission by his “caretakers”, Capote is using these examples to show that his lack of nurture at home lead him to be the person he was. Capote takes another inmate, Lowell, and forms a juxtaposition between the two men. Lowell came from what Capote paints, a great family with lots of love. Although he was considered “withdrawn” he was still called “the nicest boy in Willcott”. (312) Perry was not from a nice family, and he was lead down a path of violence from a young age. Capote places these two men’s stories next to each other to make Perry seem like the misunderstood boy who just broke. While Lowell “switched on the light, aimed the rifle, pulled the trigger and hit his sister between the eyes” (313). He acted without mercy killing his mother, sister, and father with no warning at all. Lowell was loved and cared for through out his life, and something went wrong. He, seemingly to Capote, is the cold blooded killer here. He had no reason to strike, not like Perry did, he was the monster.
Including all of the smaller, less detailed descriptions of the other inmates on death row also served a purpose. Capote’s assumed goal of...

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