Reading Novels Is Of No Value Anymore

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Reading novels has been a good experience for young and old for many years. Reading can teach people many skills and can improve literacy skills and a persons general knowledge. However through generations reading has become a lot less common for many people. Now even young children rather interact with a tablet and read rather than being read a novel. The statement "reading novels is of no value anymore" is true to some extent. Reading is of value however reading novels is not you can gain the same enjoyment from reading other things as you can gain from novels, secondly people don't enjoy being forced to read and find it a burden and finally people read things other than novels to gain literacy skills.

Firstly I believe reading is of value however reading novels is not. A lot of people rely on technology now and rather read E-books than a novel. Reading online is also accessed a lot easier ...view middle of the document...

Secondly people to do not enjoy being forced to read. Some people find an escape in reading and get a good experience from reading, however when someone is forced to read this removes this experience which is why many young people do not enjoy reading as they don't get the experience. We are forced to read throughout schooling and encouraged to read at home and to continue reading outside of school. We get benefits from reading and throughout our childhood and schooling novels are easiest to access. As we grow up our parents tell us to read and they read to us often to help us but some children do not get the same enjoyment reading books as they do from reading something on a tablet that can also be interactive. For example young children are told to eat vegetables because they are good for them just like reading is good to do as well so it is encouraged. Reading is a major part of everyday life but novels do not need to be the one source of reading in our life.

Additionally not everyone enjoys novels so they would much rather read other things. Novels give good literature benefits but it is possible for someone to get the same benefits from reading a magazine, newspaper or an article online. As well as getting the same literature benefits you can also learn about things you are interested in rather than something that you do not enjoy at all. For example netball gives good health benefits but not everyone has to play netball to get those benefits, they can run, play soccer or even play basketball and still get the same benefits from other sports that you can get from netball.

Finally the statement "reading novels is of no value anymore" is true to some extent. Reading is of value however reading novels is not as you get the same experience reading an article or magazine, people do not enjoy being forced to read so it becomes a burden and people rather read a lot of other things to gain the same literacy skills. With the world becoming so technologically reliant and finding easier ways to do things, novels have become a thing of the past. So as we move on through life we should embrace the changes.

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