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Reflection Essay

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In Matthew 22:39 we are told that the Golden Rule is “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” This Golden Rule is seen progressively throughout the Bible especially in parables. Parables are simple stories that are used to exemplify a lesson towards our moral judgment. Parables were frequently told by Jesus in the Gospels to teach religious principle. Luke 10:25-37 talks about a man who was going from Jerusalem to Jericho. The man was attacked by robbers who stripped and beat him, and left him on the side of the street to suffer. In pain he would beg for someone to help him but each person who passed by would ignore him; the two people that first ignored him were a priest and a Levite. Then there is a Samaritan who notices this Levite in pain who stops and takes care of him. The Samaritan noticed that this man was hurt, stopped what he was doing and took the man to an inn where he paid for his care and recovery. This parable was told to people to shine a light on an important moral lesson; which is to treat others how one would like to be treated and to show love and kindness to all no matter how different they may be. One should help another not based on the fact that one might be cordial with the other person but based on bare necessity of help. As Catholics we were taught that the Lord is with in each and every one of us so by helping the man, the Samaritan was helping God himself. The traveler in this story is a common person attacked by thieves who could be seen as representations of the sin that there is out there in the world. The Priest and Levite are seen as the top of the social hierarchy back in those times and represent the church and religion itself while the Samaritans were seen as outcast people, not accepted by society and hated by most; The Samaritan represented Jesus. While the others passed by the traveler unphased by the pain he was in, the Samaritan, a representation of Jesus Christ himself, stopped helping him. Jesus was seen as an outcast during his time, his people, the Jews, exiled him and had him crucified. Jesus may have been an...

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