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7 cities and 5 countries later I had a firm believe that I knew exactly what integration and multiculturalism was- however, when asked for a definition and the implication of such within a society I was left short of words. I have always had a strong emotional connection to integration and multiculturalism, having lived in many different places with such diverse cultures-Brazil, UAE, Mozambique, England, Germany- I was fortunate enough to experience what is to grow up among worlds. Being a Third culture kid (a person who has had their developmental years outside their parent’s culture) I had learned what I thought it was the true meaning of trying to accept and integrate within a different culture and society. However, never had I even imagined the theories, and researches behind such knowledge- naively for me it was almost as if accepting others and allowing for multiculturalism was common sense. The challenges involved, such as ethical, social, and political, were obstacles that I had never even imagined, and I was lucky enough to fully explore these and fulfill my goal in having a more well rounded opinion on the subject by doing my own research for the first time where our aim was to ‘assess different view patterns towards Integration of Islam in Germany within selected Bremer citizens’ using Q-methodology.
Multiculturalism can be simply defined as the notion of different cultures living together while integration deals with how well cultures are integrated, accepted, within the society. Like this definition, my view on the subject was just as innocent as I had never incorporated the difficulties and controversies of multiculturalism and integration into my point of view. Through the readings, videos and class discussions I was able to question what I already knew and put it into perspective, something that was not completely comfortable for me. Personally I felt at times helpless with the idea that multiculturalism and integration could also bring many problems to society directly contradicting what I thought and followed as truth- the fact that these both aspects only brings positives into ones life. This made think about on my experiences where I was faced with the difficulties that integration of cultures bring, cultures clashing and minorities being forgotten, and I realized did experience such myself- an example would be my living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where for the first time I was the minority and had close contact with a religion that made women wear Burkas to cover their bodies and faces- this at first shocked me into disbelief, how could the women take this? However, as I learned about the culture and how it was perceived, I was able to appreciate the differences and not discriminate them. Nevertheless, looking back, the environments I have experienced, such as international schools, have always focused on the positives and made efforts into the inclusion of all, especially the minorities. I was then made to question my basics-...

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