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Regionalism And Alliance In Asia Pacific Essay

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3. The economic crisis of 1990‘s strengthen the need of united East Asian counties to balance American hegemony.
Japan's economic development has driven the regional economic cooperation in Southeast Asia. August 1967, the foreign ministers of Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore held meeting in Bangkok, and signed the "Bangkok Declaration" that the association of south-east Asian nations (ASEAN) was proclaimed was. Throughout the cold war, ASEAN with its unique ideas and approaches of regional cooperation carefully maintained the regionalism which based on the ASEAN, and Ensures this regional peace and stability. And after the cold war, ASEAN was positive build ...view middle of the document...

1996, in Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM), East Asia as a true collective appeared in the international arena. the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) and China, Japan and South Korea together with the European Union as the two Regional collective established cooperation framework.
On other respect that because of the economic crisis, crisis-stricken East Asian countries (besides Malaysia) had to seek help from the international monetary fund (IMF). And the IMF aid conditions is very strict makes those counties experienced a very painful recovery time. Although Japan proposed "east Asian monetary fund" initiative, but soon this initiative has faced stiff opposition from America, IMF and the World Bank. This kind of situation make East Asian countries realized that they must strengthen the regional cooperation in East Asia (Yuan, 2008).

4. China's economic development has strengthened the dynamic game of Asian-Pacific institutional cooperation.
China's regionalism was change from being a passive target to being a contributor to regional integration, China was not deal with diplomatic relations from a regional perspective but processing from a bilateral way for a very long time. After the cold war, especially since the mid-1990’s, China began to actively accept the concept of "regional”, and gradually turn its strategic emphasis on promoting the process of East Asian integration (Fawcett & Hurrell, 1995).
ASEAN is China's neighbors, they have a same or similar position in many major regional and international issues, also have a lot of fruitful cooperation in many regions and international organizations. China has paid lot attention to ASEAN's activities, and attempts to strengthen the cooperation with ASEAN to...


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