Registration Should Not Be A Blanket!

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Media in America rushes to the scene of violent acts and reports to viewers all the information they can, whether fact or not. Once it is determined a firearm was used, everyone on both sides of America’s gun debate start adding their two cents. Before all the facts are known, questions begin to be answered. Those questions are usually the same. Who did this? Why did they do this? How did they get the gun? What should we (America) do?
What typically follows is a mixture of emotions and political agendas intended on ensuring “this never happens again”. Many times over, the wrong decision is made in haste. The United States lawmakers begin campaigns fueled is some way by emotion, ...view middle of the document...

By design, gun registration and licensing “allows law enforcement agencies to trace the flow of guns and the source of guns used in crimes” and ensure only lawful citizens legally purchase firearms. (Redding and Shalf 11). The firearms involved at the Sandy Hook elementary were own legally by the killers mother and if registration was in place would have been owned by her not the one who eventually committed terrible acts.
On July 20, 2012 in Aurora Colorado, 12 people lost their lives when a murder walked into a movie theater and began shooting the moviegoers. This was a horrific act and the police caught a suspect soon after shooting stopped. In the days and weeks following this atrocity, a picture began to be painted of a troubled individual who committed these terrible acts. The firearms he used did not have to be registered, in accordance with Colorado law. Laws that went into effect as a direct result of the shooting dealt with magazine capacity and weapon type. What was not supported or put into law was the requirement to register firearms or obtain a license to own one.
Former United States Representative Gabrielle Giffords survived an assassination attempt on January 8, 2011 in Tuscan Arizona. Sadly six people where murdered by a maniac armed with a handgun. As the investigation ran its course, much information about the shooter was given to the public. Before his trial began, he under went a mental health evaluation, which concluded he suffered from schizophrenia (Slapper). Under Federal and Arizona law, it is unlawful for someone with a mental disorder to poses a firearm. If information like that was available when a background check was done, it would have been nearly imposable for him to legally obtain the gun he used. From these facts, one could conclude that whether or not the firearm was registered was not the case but information present for a thorough background check prior to the weapon being sold could have prevented this tragedy.
The last thing Army solders want to deal with when returning home from an overseas...

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