Report High Death Toles On Young Drivers

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THE HIGH DEATH TOLL ON AUSTRALIAN ROADS what's wrong with the courses of today? what can be changed? written by : Owen Varian 12B commissioning body: Department of Transport and Education Board date: 12th April 2002 TABLE OF CONTENTS HEADING & SECTION Abstract Acknowledgements 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Overview 1.2 Background Information 1.3 Public Interest 1.4 Aim of the Report 2.0 Literature Review 3.0 Definitions 3.1 Accident 4.0 Major Issues 4.1 The Outline of the Major Issues 4.2 Background Information 4.3 Historical Perspective 4.4 Attitudes 4.5 Key Players 5.0 Effects of Inexperienced Drivers 5.1 Short Term 5.2 Long Term 5.3 Dangers 5.4 Difficulties 5.5 Consequences 6.0 Conclusion 7.0 Recommendations 7.1 Short Term 7.2 Long Term 7.3 Funding / Cost Considerations 7.4 Action Needed to resolve the issue 8.0 Appendix 9.0 References ABSTRACT This report will explore the high death toll on Australian roads, and what the communities of Australia and the education board can do to stop staining our roads with blood. There are to many inexperienced drivers on the road that do not have the abilities to drive in wet weather, drive on the highway, drive at night or able to judge distances. These simple tasked are not practised during the six months in which the teenager is supposed to have learnt these basic driving skills or what ever the case may be.The highest death rate in Australia is on the roads and the victims of these incidents are in the ages between 16 to 25. There were 1,825 road fatalities throughout Australia in 2000, 62 more fatalities than in 1999. 2000 was also the highest the road fatalities have been since 1996.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In doing this report I would like to acknowledge the people behind the for providing us with information on road safety and what we can do to change this wasteful act and good information on how every little bit helps. I would also acknowledge the Courier Mail and The Mercury these article from these papers gave us useful information and statistics to put this report together. The articles where al l gathered from I would also give special thanks to,,,,* also to my family, because they got of the PC whenever I wanted them to.1.0 REPORT INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW OF REPORT This report will identify the issue's surrounding the high death toll of young drivers on the Australian roads today. This report will concentrate on four important topics. The first point is the effectiveness of current courses. Secondly this report will look at student's attitudes to driving on the road and how it affects training. Thirdly seeing if accuracy of instructional methods. Finally the cost of the courses to improve road safety. It will provide an outline of current practices, detailing both positive and negative aspects of current methods. The report will explore ways to ultimately reduce the road...


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Report High Death Toles On Young Drivers

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