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Throughout history we have seen great leaders whom demonstrated intelligence, selflessness and ambition to give their country and their people the best. Still, there were those who made decisions based on selfish reasons and forgot the main purpose of being a leader, the citizens.
The government doesn't spend the money wisely and the poor don't get any benefits.
If a government wants to improve and repair their image then they need to first see to their peoples needs.
After being colonized and controlled for many years, India has gone through massive changes in the last 60 years since it has got its independence from the British. India is on the verge of a significant transformation ...view middle of the document...

“India's economy grew by more than eight per cent last year, and is expected to grow another seven per cent this year. While this has brought smiles on the faces of the rich and powerful, the poor seem to have been forgotten. Skewed income and wealth distribution in the country has widened the gap between the rich and poor,” (Dhaka, 2011).
The Indian government should give highest priority to additional investments in rural roads and agricultural research in order to reduce rural poverty. These types of investment do not only have larger impacts on poverty than any other investment, but also cause greater productivity growth. Spending on education has the third largest marginal impact on rural poverty and productivity growth. Other investments like supplying water to land, soil and water maintenance, health, and rural development have only little impacts on growth and poverty (Fan & Hazell et al., 2000). For a country to improve their image in the world and start investing on new projects they have to make sure the people are all happy with their lifestyle. For India to invest in a space research project that is not certain of its success is unfair to the Indian citizens who can’t even find proper food to eat. If the project was more for the people it would have been better, but the spacecraft to mars project has no benefit to the percentage of Indians whom are not even educated and can’t understand the research’s purpose. So instead of spending first for science they need to invest more on feeding their people and providing education for all the Indian population. With education a country can prosper and become even more enhanced. It is literacy, primary, secondary and higher education that are necessary for economic growth, reduction in poverty and development. Nevertheless like many other developing countries, India has not paid enough attention to secondary and higher education even though its contribution to development is quite significant (Tilak & BG, 2007). However basic education may take people out of poverty, but it only becomes poverty with an income. So by secondary and higher education this can be sustained well, which helps in upward progress and offer better economic opportunities. Higher education has a very significant role in the development of the societies–in terms of economic development, human development, gender-based development, and improvement in health, life expectancy, and reduction in fertility, infant mortality and poverty (Tilak & BG, 2007).

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Throughout history we have seen great leaders whom demonstrated intelligence, selflessness and ambition to give their country and their people the best. Still, there were those who made decisions based on selfish reasons and forgot the main purpose of being a leader, the citizens.
The government doesn't spend the money wisely and the poor don't get any benefits.
If a government wants to improve and repair their image then they need to first see to their...

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