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Samuel Colt Essay

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They were weapons that played an important role in the history of war. Inventions that were extolled and denounced. They were used by friend and foe. Carried with them is a righteous responsibility. They were weapons with a fabled status spread across the globe.They were weapons used from making all men equal in the Civil War, to defeating the Spanish in the Spanish American War, from the weapon that neutralized the wild west, to a Side arm that supported the great US soldiers in both World Wars, to protecting the streets of America, to the high tech machine guns that defended the brave soldiers in Vietnam. Colt Firearms have supported all the Men and Women who serve to protect America's ...view middle of the document...

Having my school career ended I was thus sent to learn the fisherman's trade by my father. While on the ship I thought of a pistol design that could shoot six bullets without having to reload. I came up with this from the clutch and lock system of the Helmsman's wheel part of the ship. When I was in Corvo I made a wooden model of the Pepper box revolver. This Pepperbox revolver wasn't a regular one this ones cylinder turned when the hammer cocked rather than turning it by hand. This was a huge step forward for the history of guns. being an excited young boy I returned to America to produce two new weapons the revolver and his rifle. The first pistol that my Father and I produced blew up during testing, and the rifle was a success. My Father thus became downcast and would not fund anymore, I needed funding to explore and create my idea so I took a portable lab and did laughing gas demonstrations across America and Canada, advertising myself as "the Celebrated Dr. Colt of New-York, London and Calcutta". When I made enough I began development of the Revolver but...

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