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Science Fiction Essay

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Remember when you were about fifteen years old and your parents were always saying, "back when I was a kid we used to walk to school"? I'm the parent now only when I was a kid we used to drive to school. The year is 2030 and the new thing is these hovering cars. It's seems as if every generation has their own way of making it to school. my name is Christopher Jordan, I'm a 48 year old married man with three kids. My wife's name is Samantha, and my kids names are Kimberly, Matthew, and Michael. Kimberly is14, Matthew is 5, and Michael is 18. I'll tell ya a lot has changed since the good old days when I was growing up.Thirty years ago I was my sons age and I was getting into and causing all the trouble, it turns out now I'm one of the people I hated the most when I was growing up, a Bethlehem cop. Its my turn to hold down the town now. After going to Hudson Valley College for two years I decided to go to the police academy to become a cop. I had originally wanted to become a state trooper, but the opportunity came first and I had to take it. Its not that bad of a job, Bethlehem has changed a great deal since I was growing up. For one thing the population is overwhelming. They have built a new high school and a new middle school, the old middle school is now used as the police station and the old high school was made larger and is used as the Bethlehem Grammar School, combining: Glenmont, Clarksville, Slingerlands, Elsmere, and Hamagrill. One of the many things I love about my job is seeing the kids of the parents I used to go to with. I would consider my self a laid back guy at the work place, and I give a lot of second chances to people.I must say though the best part of my job would have to be high speed chases. The last couple years got really bad, with the growing interest in street racing among teens and young adults, these kids juts run thinking they can get away, and time over and again we prove them wrong and so do they. A couple of these young kids push the cars over the limits and end up taking their own life's. But with the new car technology it's not too hard for these guys to get their cars up over 200mph. Dangerous for them, fun for me, Bethlehem decided to buy a couple V12 Mercedes Benz SL600s' , my thanks to all tax payers.Other than that I drive one of the first hovering cars ever in production. I bought it about five years ago. Their made of this new space age plastic that is incredibly light yet stronger than steel. The new name for these things are pods. Due to the fact that its a fairly new product the one pods in production at the time are only meant for one person, and very few carryon items. The look of all automobiles has changed dramatically. They look boxy only stylish, there are a lot of angles. The interior is also very high tech when the engine is off, the dash is black and shiny, when you turn the car on every thing lights up. The radio is the same way only you touch the screen not buttons.What's new in Bethlehem?...

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