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I think it would be fun to start a Seattle Club at Gonzaga. One of the main reasons why I want to see one started is because many of the students here are from the Puget Sound area. It is sad to see homesick freshmen in their dorms, wishing they were home again. Even I still get homesick sometimes, or rather, I get sick of school too soon.An organization is composed of a group of individuals that have come together out of mutual interest. Each person brings to the group his or her special talents, history, skills, unique set of experiences and a set of norms or values. One of the characteristics that make student organizations such a vital part of the collegiate experience is the opportunity to establish relationships that will last beyond graduation. With this in mind, I want the Seattle Club to have an environment conducive to the creation of those relationships. I have thought of some activities that will hopefully help me do this:·Create recreational events for members outside of our regular meeting times. This will allow members to get to know each other in a more casual setting.·Encourage members to reward one another for either taking an active role in the club or for helping to organize an event. This reward system will not only help to encourage more participation in the club's events, but also provides an outlet for appreciation of members' efforts.·Encourage the sharing of personal stories and feelings among members. This sharing of experiences will bring your organization together and helps to solidify budding friendships and relationships.The first thing to do to form the club will be to create a list of the mission and objectives that I wish for my club to achieve. This process will help to encourage involvement from other students at Gonzaga. Maintaining a club requires a lot of elements. A leader needs time, commitment, self-confidence, persuasion, and other characteristics to keep a club going.Goals are especially important. I would first need to set my goals for the club. I would need to come up with a mission and an objective. By doing this, I would know what direction I would like the club to go. If I'm ever confused about something, I can just look back to my mission statement to keep the club on track. It's not just my job to create a mission statement; it is also the duty of the club members. Everyone in the group can change rules and amend things they do not like.When the club is first getting established, I will ask these questions to members to get an idea of what to plan for in the future. Why did you join this club? What do you want to gain from this experience? What do you want to see this club do this year? What expectations do you have of this club this year? What do you want this club to be remembered for? What do you expect of yourself? What is your greatest apprehension?I will also put up posters around campus advertising the club's formation, in addition to asking the Bulletin if they can...

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