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Senior General Vo Nguyen GiapThe name General Vo Nguyen Giap is very conflicting; some claim him to be a genius military leader and strategist, and others will say he is little more than an amateur. The truth may be skewed by Vietnamese propaganda, looking to make a hero of General Giap to promote hope to the Vietnamese soldiers. The truth remains, however, that General Giap did what no one thought anyone could do; he challenged two of the world's super powers at the time--he succeeded.Vo Nguyen Giap was born during 1912 in the village of An Xa located in Quang Binh province. Giap showed strong Confucian background through the way he presented himself and through the way he wrote; this may have been inheriting from his father whom was wealthy and practiced Confucianism strongly. Giap was a very active young man which may have helped him later in life as a powerful military leader. At 14 he was a messenger and shortly after joined youth groups. As he approached age 21, he enrolled in college and studied for three years where he was awarded a degree falling between a bachelor and Masters of Arts because Doctorate degrees were only given in France.As he studied law and attended the University, Giap supported himself by teaching history at a local High School. Giap relates to the famous Napoleon later in life with his boldness in character and the way he fought the wars. Students stated that as a teacher for the high school, Giap would draw and write about Napoleon in high regards. Napoleon was the famous conqueror who was known for his ways to defeat the many peoples and armies whom opposed him. He was the underdog as you would say in some of his great battles. Somehow, he would upset the opposition with surprise tactics and unique attacks. As you will later see, General Giap may have learned his traits of patience and planning through Napoleon.In 1939 General Giap published The Peasant Question; the book explained, in some aspects, how even a farmer can be made into a great soldier and convinced to fight for his country when they learn the rewards of fighting. Later in the year, General Giap was forced to flee Vietnam and fled to China. Towards the end of 1941, Giap returned to Vietnam to organize and set up intelligence operations. Throughout World War II, Giap worked with a bandit collecting information throughout northern Vietnam; the information collected concerned the Japanese in Indochina, which Giap traded to China for military and financial assistance. Giap used this network to build the communist power.After several years of training and gathering military recruits, Giap found him with nearly 10,000 soldiers ready to fight. Giap didn't like peoples who would oppose communism and, while he assembled his armies, Giap performed an act known as "crab fishing." This involved tying many people together and tossing them into the red sea which was an easy way to rid of unwanted opposes because it was easy and fast.Giap washed out the new Viet...

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