Shall We Improve School Lunches? Essay

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“Mrs. Jackson, I don’t want to eat this garbage! It’s revolting!” Do you like the lunches being served at school? Everybody who gets the lunches knows that the lunches are subpar and some may even be qualified as unhealthy. The lunches are made of extremely poor materials that are filled with processed ingredients. The low quality of lunches at school is wrong and we need to do everything possible, regardless of the cost, to improve them.
Schools may try to say that the lunches they provide are perfectly nutritious and healthy, but that is definitely not the entire truth. To demonstrate, Depending on how much you eat, schools provide up to nine hundred calories in their lunches compared to the 1,600-2,000 calorie diet recommended for nine to thirteen year olds. This large amount of calories combined with the calories from meals at home as well as snacks results in you receiving more than the recommended amount. Sure the amount of recommended calories is ...view middle of the document...

If we replace the ingredients that make up, say a hamburger, to actual and unprocessed meat, it will greatly lower the amount of calories and fat that comes with the meal as well as solving the problem of kids not wanting to eat healthier meals. The amount of people that voted yes also proves that the majority of the public actually wants healthier lunches in school. Given these points, schools need to improve the quality of the ingredients they use to make lunches due to the large influence they play in daily meals for children.
At Surprise Lake Middle School, there is one choice we can take to improve the quality of lunches at our school. Using unprocessed materials and ingredients in our lunches would be essential to getting more nutrients to kids. We could change the freeze-dried cabbage used in taco salads to actual lettuce. Or maybe we could amend the store we receive pizzas from into a pizza store known for its healthier pizzas. All of these changes implement healthier ingredients into foods kids like, subtly helping them eat healthier lunches. As shown above, implementing healthier materials and ingredients into foods is one effective approach we could take to improve the quality of lunches served at school.
I acknowledge that the current food system saves money for the school that can fund programs for the school, but the school should play their part in helping students with their health. Supporters of the current system have a point when they say it saves money for the school, but we are technically encouraging the school to give kids substandard lunches instead of doing all they can to ensure kids receive the best nutrition available to them.
Ultimately, our school needs to alter the types of foods provided for the students. We need to ensure they are composed of healthier ingredients and are more natural. I advise you to join the healthier side. We need to reduce the amount of salty and greasy ingredients inside certain foods to bring the healthy side to them. It will help students grow up to be more fit and will compliment people who are obese. If we work on this together, I can assure you that it will be a tough, yet rewarding experience.

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