Shaun White : The Rising Star Of Extreme Sports. A Short Essay For Gym Class.

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Shaun White has taken both the snowboarding and skateboarding world by storm, and he's only seventeen years old. He was too young to legally drive the car he won at the Toyota Big Air and the truck that came with the Vans Triple Crown overall title in 2002. But Shaun's peers no longer consider him a kid phenomenon, but as the man pushing the future of snowboarding and skateboarding alike.Shaun was born in San Diego, California, on September 9, 1986. He first picked up a snowboard when he was six, after seeing his older brother Jesse boarding. When he was seven years old, Burton offered to let Shaun ride for them, and he's been riding for them ever since. Shaun even has his own signature Burton board, the Shaun 151.Shaun goes to school for the first semester, so he's at home until January. This year he picked up independent study, so he could travel more than he could previously.Shaun's favorite event is slopestyle. "You have a choice of rails hips, jumps etc... I think it's more fun than just riding pipe." Shaun also says that he doesn't feel pressure when he competes. "It's just fun." Shaun's favorite snowboarding spots are Snow Summit and Mammoth.Shaun's three goals at the moment are to get better in powder,work more at filming, and to get 'jibtastic'. He also says that he'd like to be on the Olympic Team someday. In his spare time, Shaun plays Playstation 2, surfs, plays soccer and tennis, skates and hangs at the beach. Shaun says that even though he loves to travel with the guys and see as much of the world as possible, he still misses his friends, family, and bed when he's not at home.Shaun has even made guest appearances in the...

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