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Shaw, Arms And Heroes Essay

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The Nobel Prize winning author George Bernard Shaw was born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland. During his early years, Shaw and his two older siblings received their education from their clerical uncle whom provided them with tutoring sessions. He received an irregular education because he disliked the idea of organized training. Shaw grew to explore and appreciate various art forms through the influence of his mother whom would take him on a regular basis to visit the National Gallery of Ireland. During the year 1872, Shaw’s mother left his father taking his two older sisters with her to London. Shaw decided to join his family in London four years later after deciding to pursue writing.
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Warren’s Profession. However, Shaw still managed to incorporate this idea along with other themes such as the Life Force, the mask as well as the anti-hero reversal within his pleasant play.
Shaw was a candid socialist who claimed “each social class strove to serve its own ends”. He noted the upper and middle classes were able to be victorious in securing a happy fate while the working class lost and therefore was doomed to be subject to the harsh environment created form the higher ranking classes. Shaw frowned upon the democratic system established at the time because workers were exploited by their employers, lived in poverty and unfortunately were too ignorant to be able to vote intelligently. However, in Arms and the Man this is not the case. Shaw increased the wit of Nicola the man-servant as well as made Louka an indignant, independent maid. Louka even obtains her “happy” ending by being betrothed to the war-hero Sergius. Shaw demonstrated the Life Force through his characters Louka and Raina whom he made participate in the creative evolution. Louka kept placing herself within distance of Sergius to be a target for his flirtations. Raina is referenced by Louka to eventually abandon Sergius should her chocolate crème soldier ever return. Furthermore, Raina, like Louka keeps herself within viewing distance of Bluntschli when he does return to her home.
Lastly, Shaw used his hero/anti-hero reversal theme with Bluntschli and Sergius. At the beginning of the play, Bluntschli is seen as a runaway enemy soldier while Sergius is depicted as the war-hero whom led his troupes to charge the enemy. Shaw switches these characters’ positions at the end of the play making Sergius to be a scandalous...

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