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Short Story Analyst Soldier’s Home

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I chose Hemingway?s ?Soldier?s Home,? to do my analysis. The story focuses on Harold Krebs, a young man that has just returned from war to a small, boring, mid western town. His parents don?t understand the impact of war on his mental condition and also, to add to his frustration, they put the pressure of reality on him. The morals and ethics that he grew up with in the small Methodist town now have him somewhat lost, which is the underlining main theme: the loss of his identity and trying to please everybody around him.When he went to war, he took his religion, his way of thinking, and his attitude towards life. When he returned from ?the Rhine,? he was bewildered about the life he was going to lead. He was somewhat disoriented. His routine consisted of ?sleeping late in bed, getting up to walk down town to get a book, eating lunch at home, reading on the front porch till he got bored?? He was satisfied with this style of living but his parents thought he had lost his focus. They compared him to another young man, Charley Simmons who is ?determined to get somewhere.? The conversation between him and his parents adds pressure and upsets him. His father asks him? if he loves his mother? and he replied with a stern ?no?. After apologizing to his mother, the realization is he is becoming a loser. The conversation between him and his parents lets him understand the major issue he is having. The major issue is the loss of his identity and trying to please everybody around him.If he had not grown up in an Oklahoma town, his troubles would probably be lessened. Growing up in a small town where everybody knows your name can be tough on a young man, in this predicament. He started to exaggerate the war stories in order to compensate for his loss of identity. Even his lies didn't interest people; they already had heard these stories before. As a marine he was sent over to Europe to fight one of the worst wars. The war put immense pressure on him, making him think twice about the value system that he held so tight. During the war, he put aside most of his beliefs and did as he needed. Most of the time, doing what was needed went against his personal value system.The story indicates to me that he had a warped view of woman, which he clams ?the army had taught him.? He wanted everything to go ?as smooth as possible?. After being in a war, and becoming confused about life, it was hard for him to start dating again. His views on how women and relationships is perfectly defined in this quote: ?they (the women in his town) live in such a complicated world of already defined alliances and shifting feuds?? he does ?not have the energy or the courage to break into it.? We see that he had the animosity to fight in a war, but does not have the courage to dive in the ?world? of women. He still does not have the self-composure of his identity. He had such a low self-of-steam that pushed him away from relationships with woman. He thought a relationship was too much...

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