Should Euthanazia Be Legalized In Australia?

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Euthanasia, currently a very controversial topic of discussion throughout Australia. The question is “should euthanasia be legalised, and if so who is legible to be euthanised?” It is currently illegal in Australia to be euthanised, however 86% of the public agrees that euthanasia should be administered to people who are willing to if they are terminally ill, and a surprising 54% of practitioners agree also. Even though this is the case, why is it still illegal? What are the dangers of euthanasia if any, and where do we draw the line?
Euthanasia is the practice of purposefully ending someone’s life in order to relieve their pain and/or suffering. Euthanasia is legal in many countries ...view middle of the document...

There is just as much controversy in the courts of Australia and the world as there are amongst the public. Difficult decisions are sometimes made about euthanasia cases, for example the case of Nigel Cox, who was found guilty of attempted murder after giving a patient a lethal injection in attempt to euthanise them. By consulting a pain management expert to help his patient deal with her problem, they could have eliminated the patient’s symptoms of anxiety, pain, sorrow, and most negative thoughts and feelings.
The advances of medical researched have progressed and improved significantly over the last century. At this rate, most of the terminal diseases which exist now will be treatable and the use of euthanasia would no longer be required. Euthanasia undermines medical research and more jobs in the area of this industry could be better used in the development of saving people’s lives rather than help ending them.
People who have a terminal illness can be misinformed or mislead by their doctors. Doctors if euthanasia was legalised could suggest going through this process, giving the doctors a tremendous amount of power and authority. Doctors are very similar to police, they tell you what to do and what...

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