Should Migrants Be Allowed To Enter Europe?

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Does Europe’s history of migration and colonialism oblige states to open their borders to migrants today? The occurrence of colonialism is one that stretches around parts of the world and has had grave consequences through history. The individual countries conquered in the exercise of imperialism were unknowingly exploited by the tactics performed by their conquerors. Today it is evident to see the work of colonist through the conflicts between the people of a nation against each other. This was partially through the utilization of different methods to create conflict among the conquered countries to avoid any threat of uprisings. Some tactics consisted of giving more power to ...view middle of the document...

Many academic analyst in favour of early colonialism agree that yes, their certainly was a negative impact of colonization. Their argument suggest that on the one hand, there was exploitation and oppression, but, on the other hand, colonial governments did much for benefit and development of Africans and even went as far to state that they developed Africa (Rothenberg, 108 para. 1) Even after decades of independence, these states still suffer from civil strife, political corruption, a very high rate of unfortunate living conditions, the citizens of these states have fled to other countries in search of better living conditions. They’ve fled to countries with democratically structured governments like the United States and United Kingdom.
The suggestion by many immigration critics have recently argued that because of Europe’s history of colonialism, the option to open borders to migrants to enter, to leave the dangers of refugee camps bequeathed by their country has been one of the topics of today’s discussions. Through this, perhaps countries like the United States would mitigate the social injustices that exist in today’s society. In contrast to the events that occurred after September 11th, similarly to the trending humanitarian intervention in areas like Kosovo, Bosnia, Somalia and Libya, the displacement and crimes to humanity have become so rampant. In light of this, the issue on migration has become more prevalent over the years in the international community and calls for a strict and depth analysis on the viewpoints behind migration and this idea of ‘opening borders, as well as the global justice in place today. For the purpose of this essay, I will argue for the justification of a more lenient border control. I will argue that on the basis of great necessity for humanitarian intervention, the opening of borders should be held under a strict criterion of use. I understand and believe that the problem will not cease to exist on the sole reason of initiating a very lenient border control, but it will bring to light the real issue, global justice. The argument will firstly lay the foundation for the use of opening borders not only by obligation from the indirect effect of colonialism, but also by a political social norm under the ‘responsibility to protect’. Then I will argue against strict closed borders and isolation, that this action will not only prove to be contradicting to the theory of utilitarianism, but that ignorance in the global community does not always equal bliss.
Defenders for open borders for migrants resolve to four main points of reasoning. The First being freedom, it is a great value of importance. Second being moral equality, the universal conception that human beings deserve equal dignity and respect. Third being no coercion without democratic justification, without exercising the democratic country right to vote on the...

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