Should Organization Be Held Ethically Responsible For Employee Stress?

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April 6, 2010

HR Assignment #3 ethical’s/org. change
In today’s global economy, competition is ferocious and only the strongest organizations survive, while the weak perish. HR serves a valuable function in this Darwinian “survival of the fittest” cooperate world by providing valuable information on an organization’s internal competencies. Managers then create a coherent corporate strategy that devises ways for the corporation to compete within its chosen domain, based in part on the information gathered by HR. Often corporate strategies change for example; sometimes organizations decide that strategically, a merger or an acquisition is the best course of action. A Corporation could also pursue a strategic alliance or joint venture resulting often in outsourcing or offshoring work to other locations. Other times a company can simply decide to trim its workforce to reduce costs when times are bad or perhaps to make more money when times are good. An organization can commit numeral changes that can cause individual employees to go through stress over their job security, inevitably raising the question to whether or not organizations are ethically responsible in protecting employees from such stress. The answer is simply no; organizations should not ethically responsibly to protect employees from the stress of organizational change because it is not relevant or practical for an organization to do so.
Protecting employees from the stress of organizational change is not relevant to the organization. Organizations must change and adapt to be able to survive; the ones that are capable of changing quickly are the organizations that are going to prosper. Ensuring employees that their jobs are safe is not the purgative of an organization. The goal of the organization is to increase its value to the shareholders and as such, the organization is accountable to them. If an organization wastes resources doing something it is not obligated to do than shareholders can sue the corporation or forcibly change up the management. The only way for an organization to become ethically responsible in protecting employees from organizational change is if it became law. Otherwise, it will continue to remain irrelevant to the organization. It is simply not the role of HR to protect employee interests, that job falls to unions, or the employees themselves. HR role is to make sure that employees are managed in a way that ensures the organizations success. The stress caused by possibly layoffs can increase productivity, since people may work harder to keep their jobs and to interfere with this benefit, just to save workers from some anxiety seems pointless. Inevitably, sometimes ensuring organizational success means terminating the jobs of employees that are no longer deemed necessary. This scenario happens all the time in a world governed by the economics of the market and social/ethically sound things such as ensuring job security through corporate change do not...

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