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Skill Or Trait! Essay

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Everyone, regardless your race, gender, ethnicity, color, etc… has that one trait, or skill, talent which makes them who they are also known as being unique. Some folks wish they could disappear in other word to be invisible, others are to transform either into a robot or their favorite cartoon characters, and so on… well mines happen to be that I believe I could be anything I put my mind to. It wasn’t something i wished for or anything crazy, but it was something I was blessed with. No one in the entire world knew about my trait or talent. A Sunday morning at nine o’clock I was heading to church. Remind you church starts at nine thirty, in which my house and the church were like fifteen ...view middle of the document...

And then went back outside standing on the side of the road waving my hand left to right. At this point I’m hoping to get a car to stop to help. After a long time waiting about an hour or so some guy in a black Lexus slowly pull to the side of the road. He then got out of his car. He was a tall Spanish man about 6’0 or 6’2 in a black Polo shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. He slowly approaches me and say politely “hi, my names Angel” I pleasantly responded hi my names Danny. He asked “is everything alright?” I responded no sir; he then asked me “do you need a ride?” I quickly said, yes I do! He noticed I was excited, he started smiling and stuff. He then told me to “get in” so I slowly open the door of his car went in then shut the door. Before he starts the car he asked me “where are you heading?” I told him my plan was to go to church until my car stopped on me. I had a watch on my wrist I then looked at the time, it said eleven o’clock. In which church ends at ten thirty. I told him I was heading home, asked him; do you mine taking me home? He joyfully responded “of course” and then I told him where I stayed, in which Angel had an idea of where my neighborhood was because he used to stay there. Angel the driver and I were talking throughout the whole ride, he was saying a lot of things such as; how he would like to own a dog one day, how he’s into fashion, so on… he was saying a lot beneficial stuff that I personally can relate to. As he was driving and talking, he said one thing that stuck out to me. He said “Danny my man, you can do anything in this world as long as you believe” I was mind blowing didn’t say a word. Ever since then it stuck with me. A couple minutes later, Angel pull to my apartment, then told me “you’re here” I was like yes indeed I am. Thank you so very much! Then I got out the car, amazingly, I watched the car drive off. I was happy because I never knew the feeling of being inside a luxury car; I was very...

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