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Sleep Deprivation Is Sweeping The Nation

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Sleep deprivation is a growing demimma in the United States, mainly for teens and high school students. This is a result of high schools starting too early, which forces the adolescents to be tired throughout the course of the day. However, being tired isn’t the only issue. Not getting enough slumber is poor for your well-being, it takes its toll on your grades, and you have a much greater chance of being injured. There should be a law requireing schools to start no earlier than eight o’clock.
When people get an hour less sleep per night, they become a downer. According to Megan Erbacher, a journaslist for the Courier Press, not getting enough sleep is related to life-threatening illnesses and even earlier death. Most youngsters cannot get enough sleep, because their school start times are too early. As a result, they have no way to fight back on these health effects other than to get to bed early. But face it, teenagers are up until 11 o’clock playing video games, texting, ...view middle of the document...

. For schools that start at 7:15, most students have to get up as early as 5:45 to get ready and catch the bus. No wonder that twenty percent of students are practically asleep during the first hour of school. According to Kyla Wahlstrom from the University of Minnesota, students who lack sleep are more likely to get depressed, have difficulty with their friends or parent, and be involved with drugs or alcohol. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sixty percent of students complained about being too tired to do work, and fifteen percent admitted to falling asleep. Do kids deserve to lose points on tests or quizzes just because they are sleep deprived?
If a student isn’t fully rested, there is a greater chance of them getting hurt. The reason is that the students’ melatonin rates are altered. According to the National Sleep Foundation, melatonin is the hormone the human body releases when they are tired. This forces the human to be drowsy and not fully alert. As a result, their hand eye coordination is worse and they are more likely to get hurt. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers are much more likely to get into car accidents while tired rather than wide awake. Also, adolecents are more likely to get into an accident while drowsy than while they are drunk. Later high school start times will greatly reduce the chance of injury.
There are many reasons for the schools starting early, however I don’t think any of them are worth it. For example, many people think that sports might be affected, and they are correct. However, if children are sleep deprived, they have a much greater chance of getting hurt during these sports. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people may say that the adolescents could just go to bed earlier. However, when children hit puberty, their brain’s chemical melatonin is secreted from eleven o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock in the morning. In other words, sleep is most effective for teenagers from eleven until eight.
Although there are reasons for schools to start early, the benefits to a later start times outweigh the costs. Starting school late has many arguments for it, and health problems, worsened grades, and getting hurt more frequently are just a few. During the most important time of childhood, it is essential to get enough sleep for

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