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Does society’s promotion of a thin body as the female form contribute to an eating
disorder? “A faulty body image - rather than an exaggerated ideal - is crucial to the development
of eating disorders.” (Eggers, Liebers 4) If one see a “prefect” body most of society would
compare themselves to the person, and if one compares themselves to the person enough one will
eventually take action to become just like the person, sometimes better which often leads to
eating disorders.
Society’s words and actions can play an immense part in developing an eating disorder,
especially at a young age. “When my mother was a kid, fat people were perceived by her family
as slightly lesser beings. Fat people ...view middle of the document...

“In 1995 - almost immediately after the
introduction of television on the island of Fiji - three percent of schoolgirls reported that they had
vomited to control their weight. By 1998, that number had surged to fifteen percent.” “Television
had a huge impact on many women’s lives when it first came out. TV, movies, music videos,
fashion magazines, video games, and the internet include children with unfiltered, unreliable, and
unrealistic messages about what is beautiful and desirable.” (Morris, Lois 2)
Pro-ana websites, pro-mia websites, and blogs can often trigger or completely cause an
un-welcomed eating disorder. “Julia Mann, who battled anorexia two years ago, says she was
lured in by pro- ana websites.” (Song, Sora 2) Pro-ana and pro-mia websites are what people
with eating disorders go on, to share tips on how to lose weight, and to hide the eating disorder.
They post “thinspiration” which are pictures of awfully skinny girls and they support each other
through the comments. “Indeed, for many girls who are struggling with low self- esteem and a
negative self-...

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