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Solitary Defender Essay

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An empress rides slowly through the heat of the desert seated on her throne, which was being carried by four of her servants. They have been traveling through the hot, arid climate of the desert for a week longer than they had planned and they are running dangerously low on supplies. Her assistants, musicians and soldiers plod slowly along beside her. A hot gust of air send her hair cascading behind her. One of her maidservants spots a stream, which she decides to go towards, as her followers need water and a chance to rest.
The empress is just beginning to fall asleep when out of no where a lone thief starts to attack. The thief fights exquisitely, but he has greatly underestimated the ...view middle of the document...

Inside the building they find young man. This young man pleads with the empress to help him reclaim the city, which he claims be the prince of. He goes on to explain that his kingdom has been overcome by a band of thieves, and adds that he is the only member of the royal family who’s still alive. He describes how a his life was only spared because of a loyal servant of his that had thought to switch clothes with him, allowing him to sneak out of the palace disguised as a servant.
The empress is extremely doubtful at first, but after asking several more of the townspeople and hearing the same response she became deeply disturbed by the cruelty of the bandits and agrees to help him vanquish those who stole his throne. As more and more details are revealed about the conquering of the town, the empress is slowly filled with a vengeance towards the thieves. Eventually she decides she has heard enough and storms through the streets with the prince, full of wrath and looking for her army.
Determined to bring the thieves to justice and restore the prince to his throne, the mighty empress gathers her army together, and tells them what she has heard from the townspeople. She tells the story of the cities fall with such passion that they all stop to listen. The empress slowly convinces her army that the bandits that overthrew the town had maliciously taken over, and must be destroyed. Her whole army eventually becomes just as determined to...

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