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Some Students Have A Background Or Story That Is So Central To Their Identity That They Believe Their Application Would Be Incomplete Without It.

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I would never be able to forget Mummy’s horror-stricken face. Her eyes gaped at my half unconscious body while Papa’s hands trembled as he drove us away. I had never seen them exhibit so much anxiety, all at once. They rushed me through the hospital door and watched me get pricked with a dozen needles, marking the start of my unforeseen journey.

I spent the next three weeks on the hospital bed; my teenage life in stasis. Trapped inside those sickly yellow walls, I writhed in paralyzing pain, yearning for a normal life; beeping machines and Morphine were my only companions. Instead of classes, friends and MUNs, my life now revolved around blood tests, IVs and bottled up frustration. I still can’t figure out what frustrated me the most— my legs that couldn’t walk, the doctors who didn’t know what was wrong with my collapsing body or Papa’s eyes that revealed shades of grief I had never seen before. ...view middle of the document...

Everything changed, from the food I ate to the way I spent my day. I had to take a year off from school, get used to my ‘completely fat-free’ diet plan and strike off everything from my routine which might exhaust my body more than it could bear.

But instead of whining about the trials I faced, I embrace the uniqueness of my situation, because for everything I gave up, I learnt a valuable lesson in return. Life continues to constantly change, and through my sickness I learnt how to adapt accordingly. From the day I got diagnosed, my life transitioned into a constant battle for survival. My disease sent many trials my way, and so far I’ve successfully surpassed them all. It gave me muscle atrophy; I patiently endured and waited to counter-attack. It forced me to minimize my physical activity; I reciprocated by exhibiting my mental agility through learning French. It forcibly put a stop to my love for pizza and high heels; I counter-checked by loving microwave noodles and trendy flats. It stopped me from experiencing the adrenaline rush I felt while horse-riding, I defeated it by experiencing greater joy through my charity drives. Every time I got depressed about my disease-centric life, I ended up visiting the Taj Mahal or signing up for a SAARC peace conference. In retrospect, through my disease I discovered new ways of living my life to the fullest. From making plans for the next 7 New Year’s Eves to all the authors I want to meet, I’ve made myself busy with activities I had never even considered before.

I can’t help but get amazed by the irony of my condition. Though my disease has made my body weaker than before, it has made my personality stronger. In the next few months, everything is going to change. My room. My routine. My friends. But, among these changes, the lessons my abnormal gene taught me continue to be my constant. My rare disease has become the driving force behind my ambition, and will continue to be so in everything that I endeavor to do throughout my life- I’d like to think that if I was able to move forward after facing such a life-threatening obstacle, I must have it in me to experience more, and overcome them, in due course.

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