A Present Career In Information Technology

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A Present Career in Information TechnologyMarch 12, 2004A Present Career in Information TechnologyI Background Information.a. What is Information Technology?b. How I got into the field.II Information Technology Pre Year 2000.a.Jobs were available.b.Economy was booming.III Jobs in the Information Technology field.a.Helpdesk/Technical Support Representative.b.Desktop/Workstation Representative.c.Network Administrator/Network Engineer.VI Technical Schools in the Information Technology field.a.Technical Schools before the year 2000.b.Technical Schools after the year 2000.c.What I learned about Technical Schools.V The Future of Information Technology field.VI Conclusion: Why I am getting out of the field and going into the accounting field.A Present Career in Information TechnologyDiverse formats and layouts are typical of jobs in the information technology field. Some of the different areas of study for jobs in the field include the design, development, installation, and implementation of information systems. Technical components include acquiring technical skills for integrating systems and the information technology standards for rules that are used to implement the logical architecture of computers and networks. Staff members in the information technology industry are accountable for keeping the computer systems and networks functioning and running smoothly. Essentially, if networks and computers are not functional, professional staff cannot complete daily tasks.I chose information technology as a career because in 1997 it was a very lucrative field to work in. I had received my Associate's Degree in Computer Science back in 1986, and at the time, I was not able to find work in the computer field. I worked at a local bank as a teller. By 1990, I wearied of doing a teller job, and was able to take a job at Chase Mutual Fund Service Company. I worked in the fund accounting department. A few years of long hours, low pay, and little advancement without a degree opened my eyes to how cutthroat a world fund accounting really was. By late 1996, I was ready to start over again. I took the advice of my sister and examined the local technical school. I enrolled. Nine months later I was a pc/network tech.My first job out of school was on a helpdesk at Osram Sylvania, the lighting company. I enjoyed the job, but it was a contract that would eventually end. The pay was five dollars more an hour than what I was making at Chase. By June of 1998, the job ended. I immediately landed another helpdesk job at Xerox ScanSoft. I soon felt trapped working on a helpdesk; I was tied to a phone for 8 hours a day and being monitored constantly. A light at the end of the tunnel came in February 1999; my resume had been chosen for the "job of a lifetime." I interviewed for the Year 2000 Project at Compaq and received the job. The salary was an incredible $35 an hour.Before the year 2000, the information technology field was a booming industry. Employers would pay top dollar...

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