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Soon, Check Your Voter Id Card Delhi Status On Google.

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The relationship between Social Media and the outcome of the elections is not something hidden from the vision of the voters. The internet has always been a deciding factor in the elections since the inception of social networking and the increase in its outreach. So if a candidate is trending on twitter and befriended on Facebook, it is highly likely that these trends are converted into results. This is how the influence of the Internet is being realized as far as election results.

Influence of the Search Engines.

Although there is a flipside to the influence of internet on the whole electoral process. People often flock to search engines like google in order to gather information about of the Voter ID Card Delhi Status and so is the case in all the other states of our nation too. Therefore google is an essential part of the whole registration process for the EPIC in India. It is now possible for people to fill Voter ID Card Online Forms and check their Application Status through the Election Commission or their states’ CEO websites, something which has made the subscriber base of the election cards larger than ever and hence directly affecting the voter turnout to be larger.

The larger picture says that the internet has affected both the qualitative and the quantitative aspect of the elections. Qualitative because it has, in the form of social media, helped people to choose the right candidate by facilitating their interaction with their future and present leaders. And quantitative because of the ease it provides for voter id card registration and therefore helping increase the number of registered citizens who are likely to turn up during the elections to vote for the right candidate.

Therefore a search engine like Google is a non-separable part of the electoral system because of the amount of help it provides to the voters of Delhi and all the other states whenever they search for their queries, want to register as voters and also while checking their Voter ID Card Delhi Status.

Of course the major part of the task is conducted by the servers of the CEO Delhi’s website because the whole Voter ID Card status check and details search is carried out using these...

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