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To Maintain both, physical and spiritual health we need to utilise different methods and resources.we cant rely on a single source of Doctortrine for instance there are many forms of physical cure like alopathic, homeopathic, herbal etc but what do we know about these spiritual medicines?
There is not any Market or super-store from where you can bought these Spiritual Medicines.They are not in the form of Injections ,pills,drips or tincture.They are such things that though nonsexistant but still feel like existed.They are formless but as crude as walls.
Is it to rise early and to take beams of cosmic energy to charge ones battery? Or Knowing about the Chakaras or to active our third eye .Well , i believe they help a lot and boost your soul but are they really cure you from with in? I say them as" Wheel bearings " but i believe to drive a car of spirituality , we need a fixed axle and wheels of course.
We all believe in attempt and struggle thats what we have learnt from books or from our society.But According to a Chinese Tao saying : Crude and existed things that seems usefull are actually harmfull.
You take your car out and rashily drives it on streets.Your attempt to rashily drive is related to pasific or calm thing.The fast moving wheel of the car is acting upon a Fixed axel with the help of wheel bearings.Look for instance If that fixed axel will not remain constant and start rolling like wheels then nothing will happen .So when we ponder upon it we came to know that there is a deep silence , peace and no movement behind that fast moving wheel.
Walls of a house are useless besides the space with in a house ,that space is something that is important.We need that space in our busy ,monotionious and materlistic lives.These medicines are neither prescribed nor you need to visit a Doctor nor you need a national laboratory to prepare these medicines.There are no written formulas of making those medicines.All you need is to ask your real self ,innate Doctor and then wait for the answers with eternal patience.The real self will guide you what you have to do...

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